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About Taryn

I live in Cape Town with my husband of almost 17 years, Ryan, and my two crazy, cute and completely exhausting boys, Cam and Logan. I have a degree in Counselling Psychology and a passion for writing. There’s nothing I love more than making people laugh, inspiring them, and sharing my experiences and passions.

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Amongst these passions are food: eating it, making it and discovering it! Cape Town, my home and an all round incredible place to live! You can go from the most beautiful beaches, to wine and cheese tasting on magnificent farms, up a mountain (by foot or cable car!) or feel the vibe of the mother city at one of the incredible eateries or bars.

I grew up traveling extensively throughout South Africa and the surrounding African countries. My parents literally wrote the book on travel in our beautiful country. We drove thousands of kilometres every year exploring, photographing and documenting every city, town, and village. This is what I love to do.

I decorate, design new ideas for the home, do art and take photos, basically, anything artistic is right up my alley. I’m a tough girl who isn’t afraid of much, I like to do things myself, often to my detriment because who can do it all, all the time, on their own?! I kill my own spiders, and my husbands and my friends spiders too (they call me Indiana Jones/Crocodile Dundee while I’m doing this). At the same time I am a total princess, after all, you can be both! I love getting dressed up and doing makeup, shopping for and planning outfits, trying new hair colours and styles, SHOES – don’t need to elaborate on that one. I get bored easily and one thing is never enough to occupy my mind, which is probably why my blog has so many different categories in it.

I get bored easily and one thing is never enough to occupy my mind, which is probably why my blog has so many different categories in it. I love them all and I jump between them so much that picking one avenue was just never going to happen… In one day I go from being a driver to a chef, a counsellor to a mediator, a stylist to a model, a decorator to a carpenter, a patron to a critic, a blogger to a consultant to a website developer to a graphic designer to a mother (probably the hardest job of all) and I tie my own shoelaces and everything!

If I absolutely had to pick one category it would be Travel. I want to Travel more, I have seen most of South Africa and quite a few of our neighbouring African countries. I’ve been overseas a few times, but not nearly enough! I can’t wait to see more of the world… My ultimate travel dream, as ridiculous as it sounds, is to go on every roller coaster in the world!

I have hypothyroidism (an under-active thyroid), a relatively common condition that is extremely misunderstood, both by the sufferers and those around them. I also have a lingual thyroid, which means my thyroid is on the back of my tongue instead of in my throat, where it should be.

I am straightforward, sarcastic, critical but fair, excitable, and adventurous. I hope that what I do and what I write here, sharing my various obsessions and opinions, helps or inspires other people in any small way, or maybe makes their life easier, funnier or happier in any capacity!

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Please join me on this journey of madness and mayhem, foundation and fashion, cuddles and culinary feats, thyroids; tantrums and travels, botox and bum creams, and of course – high heels and handprints!

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