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Clarke’s – CBD

Clarke's Food Sriracha Cheese Fries Hot Dog Burger Beer Food Cape Town Bree Street

Clarke’s Bar & Dining in Cape Town is awesome! It’s in one of my favourite stretches of the city, Bree Street. Morning, noon or night there is something for everyone!

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I have to start by saying Clarke’s Cheese Fries. That is all.

You will never eat better cheese fries than Clarke’s cheese fries. They look like they are fried twice (at least), they are delicious and covered, nay drenched, nay SMOTHERED in cheese. All the way to the bottom, not just one little layer on top. With a bit of Salsa on the top, proper fresh Pico da Gallo Salsa, not as good as mine but it’s a good try ;).

They have an award-winning Burger, which is not really my favourite, but one of my best’s absolutely loves it so it must be good!

At Clarke’s with a Jack Black draught, Cheese Fries and their Rooster Dog (topped with kimchi, Sriracha, miso mayo & toasted peanuts, and you get 2 of them). That’s my happy place right there! I’m getting hungry just thinking about it…

Clarke's Food Sriracha Cheese Fries Hot Dog Burger Beer Food Cape Town Bree Street

If I had to criticise anything it would be the hot chocolate, didn’t like it at all. But other than that it’s all praise. It’s a lovely little place with cool decor and fantastic food!

I can’t wait to try their breakfast, I’ll be going back soon!

Reservations are a good idea, especially at night!

Clarke’s bar & dining room | 021 424 7648 | 133 Bree Street, Cape Town | | | Monday: 07:00 to 17:00, Tuesday – Friday: 07h00 till late, Saturday: 08h00 to 16h00, Sunday: 08h00 to 15h00

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