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Root 44 at Audacia Wine Farm

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We’ve been going to this fantastic market in Stellenbosch for over a year now, it’s called Root 44. It’s at the beautiful Audacia Wine Farm on weekends and public holidays from 8-4.

They have plenty of stalls with all kinds of goods, but the attraction for me is definitely the amazing food. So many options and all of them delicious. My kids always went straight to the German stall… Sausages for the win, but now it’s just sushi sushi sushi every single time!

Root 44 Audacia Cape Town Wine Farm SushiRoot 44 Audacia Cape Town Wine Farm Sushi
The best way to eat at a place like this is to get a lot of different meals and share it with your group of friends/family. There are plenty of drinks, WINE would be the obvious choice, and they have lovely glasses for you to drink out of, you put down a R25 deposit per glass, which you get back when you return the glasses or some people take the glasses home with them. I recommend following your feast with dessert from the ice cream stall in the back corner (close to the entrance of the goods section). My personal favourite is the Cookie Dough one… I promise you it’ll blow your mind (if you’ve ever had the Baskin Robbins one, it’s very similar)!

[su_quote]There are plenty of drinks, WINE would be the obvious choice![/su_quote]

There are plenty of different areas to sit but as far as I’m concerned it comes down to the ‘having kids’ and the ‘not having kids’ sections… There is a huge marquee for the kids to play in, it has a great play place and lots of childminders to help them out but it’s not a secure exit so if you leave your kids there they can wander off. It’s R75 a kid and soon they’ll be charging the parents to go in too. Personally my only complaint about this place is that for that amount of money I feel like they could really have someone at the exit making sure the kids don’t leave the play area so parents can leave to get food or whatever else (if they have kids who don’t mind being left for a bit). In this section, there is a putt-putt area, and some tables under the marquee so even if it’s raining the kids will have a great time.

Outside the marquee, accessed by going through the inside play area, there are jungle gyms, a sand pit/ jungle gym combo, and a tiny go-cart circle that the kids love! They have also added a water section this past summer, they hire out towels if you haven’t brought any, it’s a good idea to bring swimming shorts etc. On a side note, I feel like I should mention that as a rule I always tip any childminder that is particularly attentive and/or helpful to my kids and I’m sad to say that doesn’t seem to be the norm but I hope that one day soon it will be.

We got a table outside (had to wait a bit as it was quite busy) and then took turns to go forage for fantastic food. The kids weren’t unhappy for a single second… until we had to drag them out of there at the end of the day! *Cue epic meltdown

The ‘other’ section is where the musicians are, it has a lovely vibe to it, has A LOT more seating and it’s closer to the food. It’s ever expanding and there are even play areas outside of the “paid play area” and next to the music stage there is a stall that sells balls, hula hoops and stuff like that and they have a few of all their goods available for the kids to play with. Everything they sell is priced well and I always buy something for the kids there. You’ll find the toilets in the middle of the two “sections”.

All in all the Root 44 market is a great day spent in a beautiful place and if you’re lucky enough – with awesome people!

Root 44 Audacia Cape Town Wine Farm Blogger

[su_quote]All in all the Root 44 market is a great day spent in a beautiful place and if you’re lucky enough – with awesome people![/su_quote]

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