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The Deckhouse Crabshack & BBQ – CBD

Deckhouse, Cape Town, Crabshack&BBQ, Review

My first visit to The Deckhouse Crabshack & BBQ exceeded my expectations (which were pretty high to begin with)!

The Deckhouse view is lovely, the service was great, and the live music was absolutely superb!!

Deckhouse, Cape Town, Crabshack&BBQ, Review, Castle Light, Keg, Beer

We had the 3L Castle Lite Fountain which is fun to look at and fun to drink. We even had a few people come up and take a photo of it! The Shrimp Popcorn was great, it comes with a Wasabi Mayo Sauce. I had a Blue Swimmer Pepper Crab Bucket and it was delicious! Crazy good!

We also had the Jambalaya, which is like a New Orleans Paella type dish, spicy and amazing!! The husband had Baby Back Ribs and Crayfish which he thoroughly enjoyed. Honestly, the Deckhouse’s food is absolutely amazing!

The creamed spinach is ok, I wouldn’t necessarily have it again. The sweetcorn and grits are nice but not what you would imagine when you order it. I enjoyed the chips, the onion rings and don’t even get me started on the Sweet Potato Pie! It’s the side dish I HIGHLY recommend… I can’t actually explain how good it is.

Deckhouse, Cape Town, Crabshack&BBQ, ReviewDeckhouse, Cape Town, Crabshack&BBQ, Review

[su_quote]Honestly the Deckhouse’s food is absolutely amazing![/su_quote]

For dessert, we had the Key Lime Pie and the Mississippi Mud Pie… The Mud Pie was great but the Key Lime Pie blew my freaking mind (if you like Lemon Meringue Pie this will ruin it for you forever because it’s sooooo much better).

Deckhouse, Cape Town, Crabshack&BBQ, Review, Key Lime PieDeckhouse, Cape Town, Crabshack&BBQ, Review

We went back a few weeks later with some friends, this time we sat inside because I didn’t make a reservation far enough in advance, it was nice but outside on the deck is definitely where you want to be. I raved for weeks about the dishes I already mentioned so we ended up ordering almost the exact same things, and yes it was just as good the second time!

I can’t wait to go again, and this time, try some of the other dishes, take some better photos and add to my review!

Deckhouse, Cape Town, Crabshack&BBQ, Review

[su_quote]I can’t wait to go again![/su_quote]

You’ll definitely need a Reservation, I recommend going on a Wednesday night and enjoying the live music, it’s something different and it’s awesome. They also have a special running every day between 11am and 6pm, 25% off your bill. Check out their Twitter for other specials, they are very active on social media.

Here are a few of our tweets:

Deckhouse, Cape Town, Crabshack&BBQ, Review, twitter, tweetDeckhouse, Cape Town, Crabshack&BBQ, Review, twitter, tweet

Deckhouse Crab Shack & BBQ | 021 424 1020 | 108 Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town | | Open Everyday 11:00am to 10:00pm

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.

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