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The Next Chapter…

Wow it’s been a minute! I have been so busy the last few years in so many different fields of work, studying again, building my dream!

I finally know where I belong and what I’m meant to be doing! And everything I’ve done up to this point has not only led me to it, but is also what made it possible.

We learn something new every time we fail, succeed, take a leap of faith, make mistakes, make even bigger mistakes, fall down, pick yourself back up again, face obstacles, conquer, create and believe in yourself!!

Safe to say – I’ve learnt A LOT over the years!

If you’re wondering where I’m spending my time (besides being mommy, wife, friend, teacher, chef, etc etc.) it’s over on:

Keeping Your Sanity .COM

Just mosey on over and check it out… I can’t wait to hear from you all!