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Buffelsdrift Game Lodge – Oudtshoorn – Part 2

It was almost time for dinner but even as I was losing the light I couldn’t help but try to get a few more photos of this spectacular place. Right in front of our tent…

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Buffelsdrift Game Lodge – Oudtshoorn – Part 1

I was beyond thrilled to be on my way to Buffelsdrift Game Lodge! This is my happy place… A combination of wildlife, nature and luxury. We were taken by golf cart, along with all our…

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Safari Ostrich Farm – Oudtshoorn

 As we drove under Safari Ostrich Farm‘s very impressive sign, to the sound of our 4 year old chanting “Where are the Sostriches??”, I could feel my anxiety growing… You see, if you’ve read my…

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Queen’s Hotel – Oudtshoorn

 The second night of our trip was spent at the Queen’s hotel, situated right in the heart of Oudtshoorn. This beautiful colonial hotel was finished in 1880 and is the third oldest hotel in South…

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Cango Wildlife Ranch – Oudtshoorn

Our first stop was the Cango Wildlife Ranch, a stunning conservation and attraction destination, located just outside of Oudtshoorn. The adventure begins at The Valley of the Ancients, we walked through a dark entrance, the…

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